Marguerite Henry, Author of Books on Horses

Marguerite Henry, Author of Books on Horses

Thanks to the Wayne Historical Preservation Society's archive, I stumbled across this photograph of Marguerite Henry, author of dozens of books on horses. I'm not sure where she is riding in this publicity photo, but if I had to hazard a couple of guesses, I would say it could be California, or it could be Wyoming. 

California is one obvious choice because the author of Misty moved there in 1971, and the backdrop could certainly be set in the Golden State. If this is in California after her move, she would be around 70 in the photo. It's hard to tell. However, I have another theory.

While writing Marguerite, Misty and Me, my Marguerite Henry biography, I found letters about Marguerite's trip to Cayuse Ranch in Wyoming to meet with Bob Brislawn, a cowboy with a passion for Spanish Mustangs. Perhaps while she befriended Bob, she had an opportunity to hop on a horse. Those letters were dated 1967. If that was the era of the photo, Marguerite would be 65 in this picture. Not a bad way to spend time as a senior. 

Speaking of senior living, I find it inspiring to know that Marguerite never retired from writing. She wrote books into her 90s. When she passed away in 1997 she left a partially-completed manuscript about her poodle, Patrick Henry. 

If you love Marguerite Henry's books, especially the Misty stories, I hope you'll read my book about the horse-loving author and her pretty palomino pinto. Take a peek at Marguerite, Misty and Me here. 


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